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Warehousing & Delivery Solutions


Who are we?

AJ Logistics is a premier provider of custom warehousing and logistics services. Each project is custom planned and managed to the customer’s requirements. Our proprietary software and dedicated project management teams provide timely and accurate communication, ensuring on-time, cost effective delivery and installation.


What do we provide?

Pr​oven Experience & Accuracy

Custom Project Management

Highest Quality Warehouses

On-time Delivery & Installation

Online Inventory Access

Cost Control


Who do we service?

We provide our services to design & purchasing firms, chains, private owners, contractors, and property management companies who build or renovate hotels, senior living communities, medical facilities, restaurants, and more.


Project Management

Our Project Management teams put more than 75 combined years of knowledge and experience to work for our clients. We customize our service to meet the unique needs of each customer and project. Our experienced teams facilitate project implementation and manage the day-to-day operations. This includes overall project planning, coordination of warehousing and delivery activity, arranging installation, inventory control, cost control, invoice auditing and billing.

Custom Warehousing

Our extensive warehousing network includes more than 5,000 providers throughout the US and Canada. A metrics rating system regularly evaluates and ranks warehouses on their overall performance, allowing us to select the best and most reliable providers in each market. Maintaining this network of secure warehouses with full warehousing services, loading docks, open and racked storage, professional full-time crews and delivery equipment enables AJ Logistics to design, manage, and service a variety of warehousing projects and programs. Our custom warehousing services include short-term staging and delivery, furniture assembly and installation, fixture & equipment roll-outs, product merge, kitting, site services, delivery/pick-up and long-term storage of seasonal fixtures, and more. As logistics specialists in their own markets, our warehousing partners provide us with the local insight necessary to provide a consistent and standardized national service. Their experience, assets, and familiarity with local ordinances and labor requirements, help us to deliver the top tier local warehousing and last-mile services our customers expect and deserve. 

Site Delivery & Installation


Last-mile delivery of the correct items, in good condition, at the right time is the desired conclusion to an off-site staging and warehousing experience. AJ Logistics has specialized in timed-local delivery and installation services since 1997. All of our warehouse providers come with a full complement of local delivery equipment and crews experienced in the delivery, handling and assembly of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Our experienced project management teams clearly communicate with our warehouses what is expected for each delivery, provide accurate delivery pick-tickets, and follow up with same -day confirmation. In addition to warehousing, delivery, and furniture assembly, complete FF&E installation services are also available through select FF&E installation partners. AJ Logistics has established strategic alliances with a number of installation companies who specialize in renovation and new construction installations. Each of these partners has more than 20 years experience in the business. We have fine-tuned and integrated our working relationship so that the customer receives a seamless, high quality service. 

Online Inventory

We asked our customers what they wanted from a temporary warehouse online inventory system. They told us it needed to be fast, accurate, highly functional, and easy to navigate and understand. We listened, then looked at available systems and decided to develop our own specifically for project management warehousing. With our custom system, you can easily move between projects, sort by vendor, purchase order, description, or part number, and quickly find individual shipments and inventory balance details. Deliveries are easy to build and schedule using the shopping cart feature. With 24-hour access and the AJ Logistics app, you are in touch and in control at any time. Fast, accurate, and simple. We gave our customers what they wanted.

Take a test drive by clicking the “Client Login” tab below and using the password: ajlog​


Mind Your Business!

Some of the most successful companies in the hospitality, retail, senior living and food service industries trust AJ Logistics to design custom warehousing programs to meet immediate and long term needs. AJ Logistics assigns a warehouse in the proximity of the customer's project and manages all warehousing and re-delivery activities. This solution eliminates unnecessary expenses, allowing you to mind your business while we mind the following:

    • Freight Inspection
    • Purchase Order Reconciliation
    • Website/App visibility of all activity
    • Last mile delivery - tailgate or white-glove service
    • Assembly
    • Detailed delivery documentation
    • Debris removal 
    • Detailed and itemized invoicing 

AJ Logistics, Inc.     2010 Inwood Drive     Fort Wayne, IN 46815     P 800-529-1218     F 260-485-7383

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